Evangelism & Discipleship Resources


CHECK OUT this link to learn about ABWE's Goodsoil evangelism booklet The Story of Hope and the companion booklet for discipleship, The Way to Joy! 

The Story of Hope tells the chronological story of salvation through 20 key Old Testament and 20 key New Testament stories.  This illustrated 40-event Bible overview could be explained in as little as 15 minutes, or expanded into a longer weekly Bible study lasting several months.  It is an attractive and easy to use evangelistic book to explain the message of the Bible to neighbors, children, or in a missionary context. The 40 stories build on each other and their cumulative message of the gospel is summarized at the end as "The Chronological Bridge to Life."  This simple presentation of the gospel explains the gospel concepts of God, man, sin, death, Christ, cross, faith, and life.


The Way to Joy is a basic follow-up or entry-level discipleship book.  It includes 10 lessons designed for a basic 10 week one-on-one or small group course, but it could be adapted to be shorter or longer.  It reviews thel story of the Bible in lesson 1, and the Bible's hopeful message of salvation in lesson 2.  The other 8 lessons covers beginning discipleship topics such as assurance of salvation, God's word, prayer, the Spirit-controlled life, personal holiness, witnessing, the local church, and Christian service.

These books are being translated and used worldwide through the ministries of ABWE, including in Papua New Guinea, where they are an essential part of our Bible College courses in the areas of evangelism and discipleship.  Kellis and I have attended the Good Soil classes and are certified trainers, and we both highly recommend these resources!

These books are available in English (and a few other languages) with a LARGE variety of free-teaching resources, including leader's teaching guides.  The Story of Hope Kids Edition has a free 100+ page Leader's Guide, free coloring book, and The Way to Joy Kids Edition also has free Leader's Guides.

The link below will give a good overview as well as links to classes, free resources, and supplemental materials available for purchase.  Be sure to check out the RESOURCES tab for lots of free downloads!

We both also took the Roots of Faith Old Testament and Roots of Faith New Testament Classes, which form a chronological indepth survey of the Bible.  The teaching includes a colorful 200-page workbook for each of the Old and New Testaments, lengthy commentaries for each of the Old and New Testaments, as well as excellent illustrations of the 50 Old and 50 New Testament stories. The teaching excellently portrays the unity of the Bible's story across the biblical world and its 25 different eras of biblical history.